Landlord pet guide to pets and pet-friendly rentals and apartments

A landlord’s pet guide to pet friendly rentals gives some helpful, useful advice for landlords and property managers in dealing with pets and tenants. If you are considering going pet-friendly, there are some good tips and thoughts in here. Also some thoughts from the Humane Society of the United States on why rental housing rules often cause pets to end up in shelters.

Get our landlord’s pet guide to help when renting to tenants with pets.

Landlords often have many questions around pets and whether they want to have a pet-friendly rental property or not. This guide walks through some of the issues and 7 key questions many landlords have about renting to tenants with pets.

Landlord’s pet guide

One landlord said in a recent interview that the companion pet issue in particular is one where he just does not know where to go to get the right answers.

He said he understands service animals, but when it comes to things like assistance animals, companion pets and emotional support animals, he is confused by the terms.
And he said it seems like today tenants “can get a note from anyone” and “I have to accept their pet.”

Here is what you will find in the landlord’s pet guide

  • Overview of the problems landlords face with pets
  • The Story of One Pet-Friendly Community
  • Pet Ownership is Growing
  • Apartment Owner: No Bad Dogs, Just Bad Dog Owners
  • A Credit Bureau for Pet Owners
  • Questions and Answers with the Humane Society of the U.S. and the Welcoming Pets Policy

Download the guide here and find out more about what other landlords and property managers say.

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Landlord's pet guide to pet friendly rentals

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