Landlord Hank has put together a free eBook on “Renovating Your Rental Property On A Shoe-String Budget” that you can download here.  He walks through a renovation on one of his duplexes, step by step, and then tells you how it all turned out in the end. Here are some more details on what is in the book.

By Landlord Hank Rossi

The easy way to renovate rental property?

Hire a designer, architect, general contractor and tell them what you want and make your choices for colors, material etc.

Then you wait for the finished product.

That is never how I’ve used my budget.

This eBook explains how I did it on one of my duplexes.

I want champagne results on a beer budget. I’ve been pleased with results and the tenants have too.

This is going to be real life examples of how to reduce costs on material and labor and where not to cut costs, if you want a good and safe outcome.

Real life is a little different from what you see on TV.

You don’t walk in the door on the first day and start swinging the sledge hammers.

If you are going to knock down walls and destroy kitchens, preparations need to be done first.

TV shows don’t show someone disconnecting the plumbing fixtures and making sure the water cut offs are really keeping the water off before the sledge hammers are knocking down cabinets and breaking throughcountertops.

Your refrigerator may be connected to a water line for the ice maker-it has to be pulled out gently to check and be disconnected, if needed.

Renovating Your Rental Table of Contents

Introduction:  Can you really renovate a rental property on a  shoe-string budget?

Fixing for cash flow with the existing floor plan: Chapter 1

Buying appliances, floor covering, doors and trim: Chapter 2

Moving the refrigerator and landscaping: Chapter 3

Total renovation cost and summary: Chapter 4

Renovating your rental properties on a shoe-string budget by Landlord Hank.

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About the author Landlord Hank:
“I started in real estate as a child watching my father take care of our family rentals- maintenance, tenant relations, etc , in small town Ohio. As I grew, I was occasionally Dad’s assistant. In the mid-90s I decided to get into the rental business on my own, as a sideline. In 2001, I retired from my profession and only managed my own investments, for the next 10 years. Six years ago, my sister, working as a rental agent/property manager in Sarasota, Florida convinced me to try the Florida lifestyle. I gave it a try and never looked back. A few years ago we started our own real estate brokerage. We focus on property management and leasing. I continue to manage my real estate portfolio here in Florida and Atlanta. “ Visit Hank’s website here.