If a landlord wants to give tenants a turkey as a Thanksgiving gift, what does veteran landlord, property manager and real estate investor Hank Rossi think of that?

Find out in this week’s question.

Dear Landlord Hank:

With Thanksgiving approaching what do you think is an appropriate gift for our tenants? We were thinking about a small turkey for Thanksgiving – doesn’t cost much and we want to show our appreciation.

– Landlord Tim

Dear Landlord Tim:

You folks are obviously a caring family and apparently the current rental situation is working out very well for you.

If you want to give a small gift to a tenant, there is nothing wrong with that.

Some folks would question where you draw the line if you give a gift for Thanksgiving, what about Christmas and birthdays too?

I am very thankful for my tenants but I view this as a business relationship.

That doesn’t mean I don’t care about my tenants, I do.

I’m Johnny on the spot for maintenance needs, etc.

Go with your heart but let your head lead

I know I’m a great customer for many businesses but I don’t receive any gifts from my electric utility, the water company, grocery store, etc.

Go with your heart but let your head lead.

You don’t want your tenants to think you are soft so they could take advantage of you  with late rent. Or, abusing you in some similar manner such as an unauthorized pet or occupant, or other lease violation.

I’m not saying a gift could lead to that, but that is one reason I like to keep things strictly business so someone won’t think that you’ll bend the rules for them since you are on such good terms.


Hank Rossi

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