Squirrels can be another problem landlords face so here is another true story and question for veteran landlord and property manager Hank Rossi who answers questions from other landlords and property managers around the country about their rentals.

Dear Landlord Hank,

I left my car in my carport at my home, when I went up north for three months and when I came back squirrels had nested in the engine compartment and damaged some components of the engine. How do I keep this from happening again?


Dear Landlady Linda,

I’d be reluctant to put traps out and bait them since there is no one at your home to take care of that.

I’ve had good success with sprinkling Cayenne Pepper in the engine compartment and wheel wells as they sometime nest there as well.

Easy fix for almost no money.

Good luck.


Hank Rossi

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