A landlord asks veteran property manager and real estate investor Hank Rossi if a rental has been burglarized are security cameras are required.

Dear Landlord Hank:

If a rental property has been burglarized, is it the landlords place to put up security cameras?

– Joyce

Dear Landlady Joyce,

It is the landlord’s responsibility to have reasonable security at your property.

Usually that means locking doors and windows. You do not have to put up security cameras or use a home security system, as that would be something the tenant could pay for if they want it.

I would have the damaged door or window, where burglars gained entry, repaired today, so your tenant feels safe.

Does your tenant have renters insurance to pay for stolen items?  It should be mentioned in your lease that you strongly urge tenants to have renters insurance.

Well-lighted areas at my apartment buildings

At my apartment buildings I have the exterior well lighted at night so tenants feel safe walking from their vehicles to their doors. Walkways and hallways are well-lighted as well.

If your place is a single-family home or duplex, you may want to make sure you have exterior lighting.

You could have a couple of flood lights on the corners of the property and on a motion detector. But, if tenants don’t keep the switch to that light on it won’t work, and that would be tenant responsibility.

Don’t be surprised if your tenant wants to move. Let them bring it up though.

They don’t have the right to break the lease, unless you were somehow negligent, but you may want to consider letting them out of the lease.

Do you have a neighborhood watch? It is a great idea. And, the Neighborhood Watch sign alone is a deterrent.



Hank Rossi

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