Who should pay for extra pest control in rental property  is a question for veteran landlord and property manager Hank Rossi who answers questions from other landlords and property managers around the country about their rentals.

Dear Landlord Hank:

Tenants say they have cockroaches again and we just had pest control service done two months ago.  Should tenants be paying for extra pest control services? Do you ever charge tenants for pest control?

-Landlord Joe

Dear Landlord Joe,

I want all my properties to be pest free.

For most tenants, roaches, ants, mice and rats, etc are a very real concern, and could be a reason for them to want to move quickly.

If I have a single-family home, I make SURE that there are no pests there when a tenant moves in. So if the tenant complains after they move in, it’s possible that they brought the pests themselves.

For multifamily properties, the story is different, because you have many families coming and going under one roof.

In that case, we provide pest control on a regular basis so tenants don’t have any problems.

I also ask tenants to let me know if they start to have a problem so it can be treated right away. I can’t tell from your question if you are renting a single family home or multi-family property.

Could it be possible that your pest control done two months ago didn’t eradicate all the bugs?


Hank Rossi

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Dear Landlord Hank: Do You Ever Charge Tenants Extra For Pest Control In Rental Property?

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