Tenant Screening

Out-Of-Town Landlord Asking For Security Deposit Then Will Mail Keys – Is This Normal?

Is it normal for an out-of-town landlord to ask for a  security deposit before mailing keys? Each week veteran landlord and property manager Hank Rossi answers questions from other landlords and property managers around the country about their rentals. Dear Landlord Hank: I [...]

If You Cannot Do Criminal Background Checks On Tenants, What Can You Do?

If a local city council bars criminal background checks, such as Seattle did recently, what can a landlord or property manager still do to protect themselves? ARPOLA spoke to one of the top experts in the country on criminal background checks, David Pickron, [...]

How To Improve Your Tenant Screening And Selection

Here are some tenant screening and selection tips and ideas this week from Landlord Hank including some of the personal assessments he does in his tenant selection. By Landlord Hank I was very proudly showing my very first rental property, which had been [...]

12 Prospective Tenant Screening Red Flags

Screen potential tenants by observing behavior and responses to basic questions. Learn more in this article.

Which of your tenants has a criminal history?

10 Important things you need to know about criminals and why you must run a criminal background check on every potential tenant.

4 Things To Consider In Checking Tenant References

Tenant references are something many landlords want to turn up those nose at. In the digital age they are convinced they can learn everything they need to know about a perspective tenant on the internet.  But there is power in checking references and [...]

5 Secrets To Good Customer Service And Happy Tenants

Our industry preaches the importance of treating your rental property ownership like a business and like any business tenants are your customers. But this is one thing landlords often overlook—customer service. Your tenant is your customer and their needs and wants will often [...]

Checking ID Is Part Of Tenant Screening

Checking an applicant's photo identification is part of the tenant screening process. You need to know who's renting your property and that they're being honest about their identity.

Top 5 Tips For A Telephone Presentation For Tenants

Here are 5 tips for landlords on how to create a sensational telephone presentation for tenants. Answer your phone promptly but don’t answer the phone in a busy or noisy location. Over 48% of phone calls are made from a cell phone. It [...]

Landlords Need To Think Before Getting That Tenant Credit Report

Full credit reports come with a slew of strict regulations. Get over it. You should look at more than credit!

Use Tenant Screening To Protect Your Investment

One area for which landlords commonly need assistance involves tenant dispute resolution and tenant screening is a key help in this area. One common dispute between tenants and landlords is the withholding of rent payments. If landlords fail to provide certain repairs, then [...]

Your Tenant Screening Report MUST Include An Eviction Review

With more and more renters flooding the market, independent landlords need to be using comprehensive tenant screening. And trust us, there is a big difference between a comprehensive screening report and a screening report that only reaches the surface. One thing your tenant [...]

Landlords Who Fail To Rent To Felons Could Face Discrimination Says Justice Department

Summary: Landlords not renting to felons first came up in early 2016 when the U.S. Department of Housing And Urban Development  issued guidelines for landlords. Then in late October the U.S. Department of Justice joined in the issue By John Triplett ARPOLA The [...]