Seattle Bars Landlords From Using Criminal Records To Screen Tenants

The Seattle City Council has passed an ordinance 8-0 to bar landlords from using criminal records to screen tenants based on past arrests or criminal convictions, with the exception of sex offenders, according to a release. “The Fair Chance Housing ordinance would prevent [...]

Dear Landlord Hank: I Have A Problem Tenant

What about a problem tenant and what I can release to the next landlord or property manager? Each week veteran landlord and property manager Hank Rossi answers questions from other landlords and property managers around the country about their rentals. Dear Landlord Hank, [...]

Landlord Unknowingly Rents to FBI Fugitive

Organized crime boss James "Whitey" Bulger didn't complete an application nor undergo tenant screening  years ago when he and girlfiend Catherian Greig rented their apartment in Santa Monica, CA. According to an article by John Zaremba in the Boston Herald, Bulger and Greig always paid [...]

3 Safeguards Landlords Should Consider When Renting To Roommates

Renters who are strangers and yet will be roommates can present landlords a challenge when leasing rental housing. Here are 3 safeguards to consider when renting to these types of occupants. By Ellen Calmas While individual renter households represent the highest volume growth [...]

Who’s Walking In Your Door?

Have you ever been at the grocery store looking for the perfect piece of fruit? You squeeze it, smell it, shake it and sometimes even listen to it. After a thorough inspection, you deem one worthy of consumption and throw it in your [...]