Tenants Sue Big Landlords As Mom And Pop Landlords Are Crowded Out

When mom and pop landlords who know their tenants give way to large corporate ownership and landlords, things change in the balance between landlords and tenants as a recent class-action lawsuit shows. The largest owner of single-family rental homes in the United States is fighting a class-action lawsuit filed in California that alleges illegal and [...]

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Dear Landlord Hank: When Does Long-Term Guest Become Unauthorized Tenant?

Defining whether a person is a guest of your tenants or becomes an unauthorized tenant living in your rental property can be a very stressful situation without an easy answer. This week a landlord asks veteran landlord and property manager Hank Rossi this question. Hank has some short, quick advice on this one. Dear Landlord [...]

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Confused Over Service, Assistance And Emotional Support Animals?

The Grace Hill training tip of the week focuses on the confusing issue and definitions of service animals, assistance and emotional support animals. By Ellen Clark You probably hear the terms service animals, assistance animals, and emotional support animal a lot. But do you really know what these terms mean? If not, you are not alone! There are [...]

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How No Pet Policies Can Be Discriminatory

The landlord and property manager training tip this week comes from Grace Hill and focuses on the issue of how a no pet policy can be discriminatory when it involves potential tenants with disabilities. By Ellen Clark Landlord and property managers must make reasonable accommodations to meet the needs of people with disabilities. An accommodation is a [...]

Dear Landlord Hank: Service Animals, Emotional Support Animals, Help!

Service animals and emotional support animals are a difficult area for landlords and property managers to work through with tenants.  Pets are a big issue overall. This week a property manager spells out an issue she is facing and asks veteran landlord and property manager Hank Rossi for his thoughts. Here is this week’s question: [...]

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A Landlord’s Pet Guide To Pet Friendly Rentals

A landlord's pet guide to pet friendly rentals gives some helpful, useful advice for landlords and property managers in dealing with pets and tenants. If you are considering going pet-friendly, there are some good tips and thoughts in here. Also some thoughts from the Humane Society of the United States on why rental housing rules [...]

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How To Pet Proof Your Rental Property

If you as a landlord or property manager are concerned about renting to tenants with pets and the potential damage pets could cause, here are some ways you can pet proof your rentals.  4 ways to pet proof your rental with a property makeover  Property makeovers are the best way to minimize property damage by [...]

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7 Questions Landlords Have About Pets

Summary:  With 72 percent of all renters now having pets, the trend toward pet ownership is only going to grow. Owners, landlords and property managers may want to consider whether a welcoming pet policy may help deal with the issues. Here is a guide to issues, comments from apartment owners, property managers and The Humane [...]

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