Startup Company Tackling The Rental Property Maintenance Headaches

A new company is tackling the rental property maintenance challenges that face many landlords and property managers every day in managing rental housing. By John Triplett ARPOLA In an interview, Keepe Co-founder and CEO Rishi Mathew discussed the primary research that led him to start the company and provided a question and answer about the [...]

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How Do Single-Family Renters Differ From Multifamily Renters?

Single-family renters make more money, have kids and are more likely to be married, than multifamily renters, according to new research from a real estate consulting firm. The research into the single-family renter shows the key differences between those who rent apartments and those who rent single-family homes, according to Mikaela Sharp, Research Analyst, and [...]

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Seattle Bars Landlords From Using Criminal Records To Screen Tenants

The Seattle City Council has passed an ordinance 8-0 to bar landlords from using criminal records to screen tenants based on past arrests or criminal convictions, with the exception of sex offenders, according to a release. “The Fair Chance Housing ordinance would prevent landlords from screening applicants based on criminal convictions; arrests that did not [...]

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Landlords Could Face Skyrocketing Air Conditioner Repair Costs This Summer

Landlords and property managers who face air conditioner repair this summer will come face-to-face with skyrocketing costs for the refrigerant R22, according to a release. Production of R22 refrigerant has already dropped 90 percent. It is being phased out by the Environmental Protection Agency because it contains environmentally harmful ozone-depleting substances. Production will be prohibited [...]

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City Wants To Require Landlords To Give Tenants Voter Information

The Seattle City Council is proposing another ordinance putting yet another requirement on landlords in the city this time to provide information to tenants about how to register to vote and how to update voter registration information. Under a new ordinance proposed this week, landlords would have to provide new tenants with voter-registration information. Landlords are [...]

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Landlords Sue Seattle Over Tenant Move-In Fees Ordinance

Seattle landlords have filed suit against the City of Seattle over an ordinance that requires them to allow tenants to pay security deposits and other move-in fees in installment payments over time. By John Triplett ARPOLA The Rental Housing Association of Washington (RHAWA), with more than 5,000 members, has filed suit in King County Superior [...]

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20 Landlord Best Practices The City Of Madison Would Like Landlords To Use

Cities in different parts of the country are sometimes at odds with their state legislatures over the regulation of rental housing and landlord best practices. Oregon is going through that issue now with the City of Portland wanting to enforce rent control and no-cause evictions which are prohibited by the state. One Wisconsin city is [...]

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Best Markets For Buying Single-Family Rentals in 2017

A new study shows the best markets for single-family rentals in 2017 for real estate investors are in the areas away from the high-cost West and East coast markets and housing hot spots like Denver, Dallas and Austin. The report from ATTOM Data Solutions identified and ranked 25 counties with the best potential for future [...]

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