Legislation Changing in Many States to Make Them Less Landlord-Friendly

Legislation recently passed or pending in many states is making them more tenant-friendly and less landlord-friendly, according to some new research by RentCafe. With Oregon passing a first-in-the nation rent-control bill, and Washington State considering extending the amount of time before a landlord can evict a tenant, it is clear landlord-tenant laws are evolving in [...]

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How To Clean And Maintain Sliding Door Tracks For Your Rentals

How to clean and maintain sliding door tracks is the rental property maintenance checkup povided by Keepe. Has dirt built up in the tracks of your sliding doors? Dirt can easily build up in sliding tracks, letting water seep in and making doors difficult to use. To keep your doors operating smoothly, it helps to know [...]

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4 Ways A Landlord Can Improve Communication With Tenants

Many landlords know the challenges of communication with tenants. Do you have a hard time reaching your tenants? Do they complaint you are hard to reach? It might be time to upgrade and modernize your communication strategy with tech-based tools to better serve your customers. No. 1 -  A mobile-first approach  Take advantage of the [...]

Dear Landlord Hank: Do You Ask Tenants Or Maintenance To Replace Light Bulbs?

Who replaces rental housing light bulbs and with what type of bulb is this week’s question for veteran landlord and property manager Hank Rossi. Dear Landlord Hank: When do you have maintenance replace tenant light bulbs vs asking tenants to replace bulbs themselves? Some light fixtures can be difficult to work with. And, are you [...]

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Landlords Can Expect To See Renters Continuing To Rent In 2019

Landlords can expect to see renters continuing to rent in the coming year as a new Harris Poll found 19 percent of current renters say rising mortgage rates are their biggest obstacle to buying now. “Using insights from a new Trulia survey of more than 2,000 U.S. adults aged 18 and older, conducted online by [...]

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8 Exterior Upgrades For Your Rental Properties

Keeping the outside of your rental properties looking nice for both attracting tenants and keeping the neighbors happy is important, so here are some exterior upgrades to keep your rentals looking nice while staying within your budget. 8 exterior upgrades for your rental properties No. 1 – A deep wash A deep cleaning of your [...]

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Should I Sell Rental Properties In A Package Or Individually?

For the landlord deciding whether to sell rental properties, the question can be whether to sell them one at a time, or offer a few as a package to other investors. The answer depends on a variety of factors. Here are some suggestions to help you decide the best route for you from Richard 'Monty' Montgomery [...]

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Deck Maintenance Dos And Don’ts For Your Rental Property

Tenants love decks in their rental property so here are some deck maintenance dos and don'ts when it comes to taking care of the deck at your rental property. Some of the deck maintenance items are really not the do-it-yourself kind. So here are some contractor-approved guidelines for keeping decks in top-shape as well as looking [...]

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10 Rental Property Maintenance Projects You Should Not Do Yourself

We are all tempted at times as landlords and property managers to save a little time and money and take on maintenance projects ourselves. However there can be a downside to that. We all also know it is best not to let tenants take on maintenance jobs on our rentals either. Despite what you may [...]

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Apartment Owner Ordered To Pay $1.6 Million In Bed Bug Lawsuit

A jury has awarded a California family $1.6 million in one of the largest single bed bug case awards ever reported, according to a release. Liliana Martinez told NBC in Los Angles her family suffered for months with bed bugs at the Kahala Islander Apartments in Inglewood, California in 2010. She said her child, a [...]

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Landlords Win Seattle Case As Judge Strikes Down Law

Seattle landlords and property managers have won a case against the Seattle City Council’s ordinance that mandated landlords and property managers accept the first qualified tenant who applied. Seattle is thought to be the only city in the country that has tried to use this type of ordinance. Small landlords had sued the city saying [...]

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8 Ways The Rental Housing Market Changed In 2017

What were the 8 ways the rental housing market changed in 2017, and what can we learn heading into 2018? The folks at RentCafe have put together a report that looks at the rental housing trends in 2017 and analyzed rents from the 250 largest cities The national average rent increased by 2.5% reaching $1,359, [...]

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Landlords Across The Country Missing Tenant Payments After Company Bankruptcy

Dozens of landlords around the country are still missing tenant payments and trying to collect funds tied up in an ecommerce dispute that has led to one Kentucky-based company filing bankruptcy last month. CC Operations LLC dba eCHECKit, filed a bankruptcy petition in October in Kentucky. eCHECKit is the payment processor for the 13-year-old Fort [...]

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