How To Use Baseboards To Improve The Look Of Your Rentals

Baseboards for your rental property are a great way to update a room or put a finishing touch on a remodeled unit that your tenants will appreciate and maybe allow you to charge a little more for the rental. Base molding –  the small trim that goes along the lowest and highest parts of interior [...]

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Keep Your Tenants Safe With Regular Chimney Sweep Inspections

A chimney sweep inspection, including cleaning and inspecting your chimney flue, should be done regularly to prevent chimney fires. Even if tenants don’t regularly use the fireplace, it’s best to have a chimney sweep check at least once a year to avoid preventable damage. Annual chimney maintenance removes flammable creosote, the major cause of chimney [...]

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How To Educate Your Tenants On Septic Systems

If your rental property has a septic systems then learn the warning signs that can save you and your tenants a lot of trouble. Let’s explore the most common issues that are likely to arise at your property with these maintenance tips from As a property manager or landlord, you are responsible for maintaining [...]

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Dear Landlord Hank: Do You Use Same Paint Color Inside All Your Rentals?

Can you use some accent paint colors to attract tenants or is it best to use the same color in all your rentals? That is this week’s question for veteran landlord, property manager and real estate investor Hank Rossi. Dear Landlord Hank: Do you always use the same paint color throughout all your rentals or [...]

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Dear Landlord Hank: Can A Rental Property Have Multiple Layers Of Sheetrock?

Can a rental property have multiple layers or sheetrock inside and is contractor right to replace it? That is this week’s question for veteran landlord, property manager and real estate investor Hank Rossi. Dear Landlord Hank: We hired contractor to fix big holes in the sheetrock of one of our rentals after tenant damage. It [...]

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Dear Landlord Hank: Do You Have To Put Screens On Rental Property Windows?

Some cities are seeking more and more to regulate what landlords can do, and this week’s question is about whether a city could require screens on rental property windows. Veteran landlord and property manager Hank Rossi weighs in on that question this week. Dear Landlord Hank: Our city is seeking to require landlords to place [...]

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Thinking Of Renting To College Students? Here Are the Pros And Cons

Renting to college students can pose a dilemma for some landlords because properties near college campuses can be very profitable, but they also bring its own special maintenance challenges. Let's look at some of the pros and cons of renting to college students and the maintenance issues from Keepe. The pros of renting to college students  [...]

How Disability Friendly Is Your Rental And 12 Tips To Fix It

With 10,000 Baby Boomers turning 65 every day, it is likely you as a landlord or property manager will begin to get more requests from potential tenants about whether your rental property is disability friendly. Or, you may be asked to make a reasonable accommodation. We recently completed a small renovation of one of our [...]

Create Better Rental Listings With Better Photography

Landlords need to take some time and craft a well thought out and photographed rental listings to attract potential renters.


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