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Dear Landlord Hank: Do You Give Other Landlords References On Former Tenants?

Giving other landlords references about one of your former tenants could make some of us uneasy. This week a landlord asks veteran landlord and property manager Hank Rossi how he handles references when other landlords call. Dear Landlord Hank: Do you give other landlords reference information when they call you about a previous tenant? I [...]

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Landlords Win Seattle Case As Judge Strikes Down Law

Seattle landlords and property managers have won a case against the Seattle City Council’s ordinance that mandated landlords and property managers accept the first qualified tenant who applied. Seattle is thought to be the only city in the country that has tried to use this type of ordinance. Small landlords had sued the city saying [...]

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How No Pet Policies Can Be Discriminatory

The landlord and property manager training tip this week comes from Grace Hill and focuses on the issue of how a no pet policy can be discriminatory when it involves potential tenants with disabilities. By Ellen Clark Landlord and property managers must make reasonable accommodations to meet the needs of people with disabilities. An accommodation is a [...]

Can I Say No Guns In My Rental Property?

Generally a private landlord can make a decision about whether to say ‘no guns’ in my rental property, unless a state  forbids landlords from banning guns, according to Denny Dobbins, general legal counsel and vice president of RentPerfect.com. By John Triplett State laws vary on the issue of what landlords can mandate regarding saying “no [...]

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Can I Say ‘No Pot In My Rentals’ When It’s Legal?

Landlords and property managers are seeking to better understand the issues of legal marijuana when it comes to tenants in their states. By John Triplett ARPOLA Laws are changing all the time. Voters may approve different levels of permission in different states when it comes to marijuana. This leaves landlords and property managers trying to [...]

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Can A Disabled Tenant Break A Lease Under The Fair Housing Act?

By Monique Young, Attorney Question: I have a disabled tenant who recently requested that I allow him to prematurely terminate his lease due to his disability. He has told me that he needs to break his lease because he can no longer afford his rent due to mounting medical bills. He has also informed me [...]

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Sexual Harassment is Fair Housing Discrimination

Sexual Harassment: The overlooked form of fair housing discrimination.

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Tenant Can’t Afford To Pay For Damage

Landlord Question: We have tenants who broke their ceramic/glass cooktop. They want to replace it by installing a new one themselves. We are concerned about their safety due to the large crack in the cooktop. Our rental agreement says that they need to pay because of their own negligence. They are also section 8 housing, [...]

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5 Do’s And Don’ts When Landlords Need An Attorney

ARPOLA gives you the quick and dirty dos and don't of retaining a landlord tenant attorney!

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