Dear Landlord Hank: Do You Require Tenants To Carry Renters Insurance?

A landlord asks about requiring tenants to carry renters insurance as the question this week for veteran landlord and property manager Hank Rossi. Dear Landlord Hank: Do you require your tenants to carry renters insurance? If so do you require them to add your name to the policy?-Chris Hi Landlord Chris, We don't normally [...]

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Understanding Insurance Property Damage And Coverage

If one of your single-family rental homes caught fire last night do you understand your insurance property damage policy and coverage? Are you certain it is insured properly? If a spring storm blew the roof off of your 12-unit apartment building, would you have coverage for your loss-of-rents? Is your subject-to exposure protected? When it comes [...]

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Worker’s Compensation Issues For The Real Estate Investor

Though frequently overlooked by many real estate investors, worker's compensation (WC) and related issues should certainly be addressed early in your business planning stages. Bear in mind, that advice from your attorney, accountant and/or from the State Department of WC (if applicable) certainly trumps what we communicate here. The most important consideration is to understand [...]

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