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Can You Really Renovate Rental Property On A Shoe-String Budget?

Can you renovate rental property on a strong-string budget? Yes, it can be done and come out great! By Landlord Hank The easy way to renovate rental property is to hire a designer, architect, general contractor and tell them what you want and make your choices for colors, material etc. Then you wait for the [...]

How Do You Handle An “Atypical” Eviction?

Landlords and property managers frequently deal with the issue of unmarried co-tenants and roommates, sometimes on the lease and sometimes not on the lease. When things do not work out with these tenants, a landlord may face what is known as an “atypical” eviction. Landlords are now seeing more renters who are Millennials. The trend [...]

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My Top Landlord And Property Management Mistakes

Landlord and property management mistakes are something  veteran real estate owner and investor Larry Arth has lived first-hand. He has been a landlord at different times in  his real estate career, and offers his thoughts here on landlords, investors, property management and what he has learned from his mistakes. By Larry Arth As any investor [...]

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Do Tenants Normally Interview Me As A Property Manager?

Veteran landlord and property manager Hank Rossi takes on questions each week from landlords and property managers around the country. His goal is to help educate fellow landlords and property managers on issues he has seen in his 30 years in the business. This week the question from a property manager is about what questions [...]

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7 Issues And Answers About Renting To Tenants With A Felony

Are “no-felony-ever” lease clauses dead? We decided to ask this question of an expert in the field of investigations and tenant screenings to follow up all debate last year over whether landlords are required to rent to someone with a felony record. By John Triplett ARPOLA David Pickron, owner of RentPerfect, an investigative screening company [...]

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9 Most Common Pests Landlords See In Rental Properties

When you start thinking about pest control as a management philosophy instead of just triage in an emergency, it is good to give a little thought about what your policy is going to be as a landlord or property manager. By John Triplett ARPOLA Giving some thought to integrated pest management and how you are [...]

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Do You Have A Handle On Your Rental Property Operating Costs?

One of the most common mistakes that rental property owners and landlords often make is the failure to properly anticipate and budget for operating costs. While rents may be more exciting than expenses, overlooked or unexpected costs can turn a profitable investment into a money-loser. That's why it's important to anticipate and plan for costs [...]

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4 Things To Help Prepare Your Tenants In Case of Emergency

Here are 4 things to help prepare your tenants in case of an emegency. As a landlord, preparing for disaster goes beyond making sure you are protected during a disaster. You also need to think about your tenants and your rental property. Here are a few tips on advising your tenants to get themselves ready [...]

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Fire Safety Review: Protecting Your Tenants

Be sure to protect your tenants from fire accidents. Review these quick property saving tips now!

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Fire Safety Review: Protecting Your Property

Be sure to protect your property from fire accidents. Review these quick property saving tips now!

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Lead Based Paint Certification

Check out these great tips on lead certification and review some other ARPOLA blogs focused on lead safety!

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