Can I Say ‘No Pot In My Rentals’ When It’s Legal?

Landlords and property managers are seeking to better understand the issues of legal marijuana when it comes to tenants in their states. By John Triplett ARPOLA Laws are changing all the time. Voters may approve different levels of permission in different states when [...]

Landlords Sue Seattle Over Tenant Move-In Fees Ordinance

Seattle landlords have filed suit against the City of Seattle over an ordinance that requires them to allow tenants to pay security deposits and other move-in fees in installment payments over time. By John Triplett ARPOLA The Rental Housing Association of Washington (RHAWA), [...]

Next Up: Flooring In A Rental Renovation On A Shoe String

On my rental renovation there is lots to do on the interior to get this place rent ready. In my mind, it's better to focus all your energy on one unit so it can be bringing in rent and then you can switch [...]

Can You Really Renovate Rental Property On A Shoe-String Budget?

Can you renovate rental property on a strong-string budget? Yes, it can be done and come out great! By Landlord Hank The easy way to renovate rental property is to hire a designer, architect, general contractor and tell them what you want and [...]

Security Deposits Can Be A Source Of Disputes Between Tenants And Landlords

By Tim Zabawa Broker/Owner Z Austin Real Estate Security deposits are one of the most often disputed items between a landlord and a tenant. I always  wanted a plaque in my office I could point to while a tenant was sitting at my [...]

Why I Love Being A Property Manager And Landlord

Veteran landlord and property manager Hank Rossi blogs this week about why he loves being a property manager. By Landlord Hank Why do I love my investment real estate and how do I personally feel about being the property manager? I look at [...]

Want To Be A Good Landlord And Property Manager?

Being a landlord and property manager in the real estate investment business can be hard. Blogger Richard ‘Monty’ Montgomery this week takes on a question around what are the 7 common mistakes many new real estate investors make when becoming a landlord or [...]

How Flexible Should You Be With Lease Terms?

As a landlord, how flexible should you be on lease terms, when you let tenants move into a property and what are your options? By Tim Zabawa Broker/Owner Z Austin Real Estate Once at a very nice house, I was dealing with the [...]

How Do You Keep The Perfect Tenant?

By Landlord Hank You've bought a new property, fixed it up and made it nice, found the perfect tenant you feel comfortable with and are ready to sit back and collect rent every month. That is an ideal situation and it may play [...]

A Landlord’s Question: Our Out-Of-State Rental Home Has Been Trashed, Now What?

Veteran investor and landlord Richard Montgomery answers questions each week from landlords and property managers as Dear Monty. Reader Question: We have a trashed home. My husband and I live on the East Coast. Our son attended school in the Midwest, and we bought a [...]

Why You Need Exact Names Of Parties On The Lease

Why you as a landlord need exact names on all parties to the lease is the topic of this week's blog by veteran landlord and property manager Tim Zabawa. By Tim Zabawa Broker/Owner Z Austin Real Estate You need exact names of ALL [...]

20 Landlord Best Practices The City Of Madison Would Like Landlords To Use

Cities in different parts of the country are sometimes at odds with their state legislatures over the regulation of rental housing and landlord best practices. Oregon is going through that issue now with the City of Portland wanting to enforce rent control and [...]

Best Markets For Buying Single-Family Rentals in 2017

A new study shows the best markets for single-family rentals in 2017 for real estate investors are in the areas away from the high-cost West and East coast markets and housing hot spots like Denver, Dallas and Austin. The report from ATTOM Data [...]