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John R. Triplett is a real estate investor, small landlord, and the founder of Desert Path Marketing Group, a content marketing focused agency that handles writing, editing, books, blogs, email marketing and search engine optimization for clients with a focus on real estate. John has been building online digital brands for more than 20 years for newspaper, television and cable media companies including Cox, Belo and Gannett. Also, he has worked as a consultant to web startup companies. He was the founder of Austin360.com and AccessArizona.com and former general manager of AJC.com. His blog network, built for the Arizona Republic’s online site Azcentral.com, won the best blog network from the Arizona Interactive Marketing Association. He has owned single-family and multifamily properties for 20 years.

Landlords And Property Managers Beware When Tenants Go On Vacation

Before your tenants go on vacation, there are some important to-do’s that landlords and tenants should work together on completing before anyone leaves for their vacation according to this checklist from Keepe. While not all tenants might choose to vacation in the summertime, it’s undeniable that the majority of the working population prefers getting away in [...]

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Deck Maintenance Dos And Don’ts For Your Rental Property

Tenants love decks in their rental property so here are some deck maintenance dos and don'ts when it comes to taking care of the deck at your rental property. Some of the deck maintenance items are really not the do-it-yourself kind. So here are some contractor-approved guidelines for keeping decks in top-shape as well as looking [...]

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10 Rental Property Maintenance Projects You Should Not Do Yourself

We are all tempted at times as landlords and property managers to save a little time and money and take on maintenance projects ourselves. However there can be a downside to that. We all also know it is best not to let tenants take on maintenance jobs on our rentals either. Despite what you may [...]

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Thinking Of Renting To College Students? Here Are the Pros And Cons

Renting to college students can pose a dilemma for some landlords because properties near college campuses can be very profitable, but they also bring its own special maintenance challenges. Let's look at some of the pros and cons of renting to college students and the maintenance issues from Keepe. The pros of renting to college students  [...]

4 Outdoor Flooring Options For Your Rentals

Outdoor flooring options for your rental property is the maintenance checkup from Keepe as we look at the pros and cons of four different types. Damaged or worn outdoor flooring, pavement and surfaces can be responsible for making your property look poorly kept. These surfaces can also endanger the safety of your tenants. Cracks, holes and general wear [...]

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How Disability Friendly Is Your Rental And 12 Tips To Fix It

With 10,000 Baby Boomers turning 65 every day, it is likely you as a landlord or property manager will begin to get more requests from potential tenants about whether your rental property is disability friendly. Or, you may be asked to make a reasonable accommodation. We recently completed a small renovation of one of our [...]

Apartment Owner Ordered To Pay $1.6 Million In Bed Bug Lawsuit

A jury has awarded a California family $1.6 million in one of the largest single bed bug case awards ever reported, according to a release. Liliana Martinez told NBC in Los Angles her family suffered for months with bed bugs at the Kahala Islander Apartments in Inglewood, California in 2010. She said her child, a [...]

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Landlords Win Seattle Case As Judge Strikes Down Law

Seattle landlords and property managers have won a case against the Seattle City Council’s ordinance that mandated landlords and property managers accept the first qualified tenant who applied. Seattle is thought to be the only city in the country that has tried to use this type of ordinance. Small landlords had sued the city saying [...]

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Confused Over Service, Assistance And Emotional Support Animals?

The Grace Hill training tip of the week focuses on the confusing issue and definitions of service animals, assistance and emotional support animals. By Ellen Clark You probably hear the terms service animals, assistance animals, and emotional support animal a lot. But do you really know what these terms mean? If not, you are not alone! There are [...]

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Reviewed How You Do Criminal Background Checks Lately?

Criminal background checks  and whether you have reviewed lately how you use them in tenant screening is the Grace Hill tip of the week. By Ellen Clark A federal lawsuit in New York is challenging a landlord’s blanket ban on leasing to people with criminal backgrounds. The federal government has advised landlords against such bans, saying they could [...]

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Could Your Lease Terms, Conditions Or Privileges Mean Discrimination?

The Grace Hill training tip of the week focuses on the issue of how your lease terms, conditions or privileges you provide prospective tenants and existing tenants could be discrimination under the Fair Housing Act. You must treat all prospects and tenants in a consistent way in how you use terms, conditions or privileges to avoid discrimination under [...]

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20 Easy, Affordable Maintenance Projects To Update Your Rentals

The smaller maintenance jobs that improve the look and feel of a rental space and make it feel welcoming can really help when it comes to landing that next tenant is the maintenance checkup from Keepe this week.These small improvements and investments really go a long way. 5 front and outdoor improvements Repainting the front door - [...]

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How No Pet Policies Can Be Discriminatory

The landlord and property manager training tip this week comes from Grace Hill and focuses on the issue of how a no pet policy can be discriminatory when it involves potential tenants with disabilities. By Ellen Clark Landlord and property managers must make reasonable accommodations to meet the needs of people with disabilities. An accommodation is a [...]


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