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John R. Triplett is a real estate investor, small landlord, and the founder of Desert Path Marketing Group, a content marketing focused agency that handles writing, editing, books, blogs, email marketing and search engine optimization for clients with a focus on real estate. John has been building online digital brands for more than 20 years for newspaper, television and cable media companies including Cox, Belo and Gannett. Also, he has worked as a consultant to web startup companies. He was the founder of Austin360.com and AccessArizona.com and former general manager of AJC.com. His blog network, built for the Arizona Republic’s online site Azcentral.com, won the best blog network from the Arizona Interactive Marketing Association. He has owned single-family and multifamily properties for 20 years.

Wet, Cold Weather Means It’s Time To Check Your Seasonal Basement Maintenance

Wet, cold weather can often lead to basement problems, so check your seasonal basement maintenance to avoid a wet basement in your rental property. Does your finished basement in your rental need foundation repair? Have you noticed persistent leaks, dampness or cracks in the basement of your rental? As a landlord or property manager, managing [...]

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Legislation Changing in Many States to Make Them Less Landlord-Friendly

Legislation recently passed or pending in many states is making them more tenant-friendly and less landlord-friendly, according to some new research by RentCafe. With Oregon passing a first-in-the nation rent-control bill, and Washington State considering extending the amount of time before a landlord can evict a tenant, it is clear landlord-tenant laws are evolving in [...]

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How To Use Baseboards To Improve The Look Of Your Rentals

Baseboards for your rental property are a great way to update a room or put a finishing touch on a remodeled unit that your tenants will appreciate and maybe allow you to charge a little more for the rental. Base molding –  the small trim that goes along the lowest and highest parts of interior [...]

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Keep Your Tenants Safe With Regular Chimney Sweep Inspections

A chimney sweep inspection, including cleaning and inspecting your chimney flue, should be done regularly to prevent chimney fires. Even if tenants don’t regularly use the fireplace, it’s best to have a chimney sweep check at least once a year to avoid preventable damage. Annual chimney maintenance removes flammable creosote, the major cause of chimney [...]

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How To Educate Your Tenants On Septic Systems

If your rental property has a septic systems then learn the warning signs that can save you and your tenants a lot of trouble. Let’s explore the most common issues that are likely to arise at your property with these maintenance tips from Keepe.com. As a property manager or landlord, you are responsible for maintaining [...]

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How To Clean And Maintain Sliding Door Tracks For Your Rentals

How to clean and maintain sliding door tracks is the rental property maintenance checkup povided by Keepe. Has dirt built up in the tracks of your sliding doors? Dirt can easily build up in sliding tracks, letting water seep in and making doors difficult to use. To keep your doors operating smoothly, it helps to know [...]

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7 Kitchen Countertop Options For Your Rental Property

Here are 7 kitchen countertop options for your rental property in the maintenance checkup, provided by Keepe. Kitchen countertops take up the majority of the kitchen space. They impact the look and feel of the room, but also its functionality. Property managers and landlords like countertop materials that look appealing, are affordable and easy to repair.  Kitchen [...]

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4 Ways A Landlord Can Improve Communication With Tenants

Many landlords know the challenges of communication with tenants. Do you have a hard time reaching your tenants? Do they complaint you are hard to reach? It might be time to upgrade and modernize your communication strategy with tech-based tools to better serve your customers. No. 1 -  A mobile-first approach  Take advantage of the [...]

Landlords Can Expect To See Renters Continuing To Rent In 2019

Landlords can expect to see renters continuing to rent in the coming year as a new Harris Poll found 19 percent of current renters say rising mortgage rates are their biggest obstacle to buying now. “Using insights from a new Trulia survey of more than 2,000 U.S. adults aged 18 and older, conducted online by [...]

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Landlord Shot While Serving Eviction Notice For Tenant In Her Fourplex

A landlord serving an eviction notice on a tenant in her fourplex was shot in the head and critically injured at a Renton, Washington, apartment complex when the home's occupant began firing at her, according to reports. The woman, 40, was listed in satisfactory condition in intensive care at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. Police arrested [...]

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8 Exterior Upgrades For Your Rental Properties

Keeping the outside of your rental properties looking nice for both attracting tenants and keeping the neighbors happy is important, so here are some exterior upgrades to keep your rentals looking nice while staying within your budget. 8 exterior upgrades for your rental properties No. 1 – A deep wash A deep cleaning of your [...]

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Tenants Sue Big Landlords As Mom And Pop Landlords Are Crowded Out

When mom and pop landlords who know their tenants give way to large corporate ownership and landlords, things change in the balance between landlords and tenants as a recent class-action lawsuit shows. The largest owner of single-family rental homes in the United States is fighting a class-action lawsuit filed in California that alleges illegal and [...]

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