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John R. Triplett is the founder of Desert Path Marketing Group, a content marketing focused agency that handles writing, editing, books, blogs, email marketing and search engine optimization for clients with a focus on real estate. John has been building online digital brands for more than 20 years for newspaper, television and cable media companies including Cox, Belo and Gannett. Also, he has worked as a consultant to web startup companies. He was the founder of Austin360.com and AccessArizona.com and former general manager of AJC.com. His blog network, built for the Arizona Republic’s online site Azcentral.com, won the best blog network from the Arizona Interactive Marketing Association. He has been a real estate investor for 20 years, owning single-family and multifamily properties.

7 Kitchen Countertop Options For Your Rental Property

  Here are 7 kitchen countertop options for your rental property in the maintenance checkup, provided by Keepe. Kitchen countertops take up the majority of the kitchen space, affecting the look and feel of the room but also its functionality. In most cases, property managers [...]

8 Ways The Rental Housing Market Changed In 2017

What were the 8 ways the rental housing market changed in 2017, and what can we learn heading into 2018? The folks at RentCafe have put together a report that looks at the rental housing trends in 2017 and analyzed rents from the [...]

7 Types Of Pest Preventative Maintenance Steps For Rentals

Landlords and property managers need to know what draws pests to rental homes and adopt simple pest preventive maintenance steps to protect properties and tenants. 7 Types of Pest Preventive Maintenance Steps  1) To avoid any and all infestations, it is fundamental to [...]

A Landlord’s Pet Guide To Pet Friendly Rentals

A landlord's pet guide to pet friendly rentals gives some helpful, useful advice for landlords and property managers in dealing with pets and tenants. If you are considering going pet-friendly, there are some good tips and thoughts in here. Also some thoughts from [...]

How To Pet Proof Your Rental Property

If you as a landlord or property manager are concerned about renting to tenants with pets and the potential damage pets could cause, here are some ways you can pet proof your rentals.  4 ways to pet proof your rental with a property [...]

5 Paint Finishes And Types To Consider For Your Rental Properties

Which type of paint and paint finish is right for you and your tenants to both help with maintenance and be attractive to get new tenants? The maintenance checkup this week provided by Keepe focuses on paint. Be sure you are protecting your [...]

Landlords Across The Country Missing Tenant Payments After Company Bankruptcy

Dozens of landlords around the country are still missing tenant payments and trying to collect funds tied up in an ecommerce dispute that has led to one Kentucky-based company filing bankruptcy last month. CC Operations LLC dba eCHECKit, filed a bankruptcy petition in [...]

Is The Outdoor Faucet At Your Rental Property Winter-Proof?

Is your rental housing ready for winter along with the outdoor faucet? The maintenance checkup this week provided by Keepe  is to be sure you are your protecting your investment and income as well as your tenants. If your rental property is occupied [...]

Is The Water Heater At Your Rental Property Ready For The “Big One?”

The maintenance check up this week, provided by Keepe, asks whether  the water heater in your rental housing are properly and legally secured in the event of an earthquake. Everyone has heard of the “big one,” the ultimate earthquake whose impending strike will decimate cities and regress civilizations. [...]

Startup Company Tackling The Rental Property Maintenance Headaches

A new company is tackling the rental property maintenance challenges that face many landlords and property managers every day in managing rental housing. By John Triplett ARPOLA In an interview, Keepe Co-founder and CEO Rishi Mathew discussed the primary research that led him [...]

How Do Single-Family Renters Differ From Multifamily Renters?

Single-family renters make more money, have kids and are more likely to be married, than multifamily renters, according to new research from a real estate consulting firm. The research into the single-family renter shows the key differences between those who rent apartments and [...]

If You Cannot Do Criminal Background Checks On Tenants, What Can You Do?

If a local city council bars criminal background checks, such as Seattle did recently, what can a landlord or property manager still do to protect themselves? ARPOLA spoke to one of the top experts in the country on criminal background checks, David Pickron, [...]

Seattle Bars Landlords From Using Criminal Records To Screen Tenants

The Seattle City Council has passed an ordinance 8-0 to bar landlords from using criminal records to screen tenants based on past arrests or criminal convictions, with the exception of sex offenders, according to a release. “The Fair Chance Housing ordinance would prevent [...]