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John R. Triplett is the founder of Desert Path Marketing Group, a content marketing focused agency that handles writing, editing, books, blogs, email marketing and search engine optimization for clients with a focus on real estate. John has been building online digital brands for more than 20 years for newspaper, television and cable media companies including Cox, Belo and Gannett. Also, he has worked as a consultant to web startup companies. He was the founder of Austin360.com and AccessArizona.com and former general manager of AJC.com. His blog network, built for the Arizona Republic’s online site Azcentral.com, won the best blog network from the Arizona Interactive Marketing Association. He has been a real estate investor for 20 years, owning single-family and multifamily properties.

Leak Continues In Ceiling Of New Apartment Building – What Do I Do?

Tenants needing something like a leak fixed can many times be patient, and sometimes not. But good communication between landlord and tenant on what is going on goes a long way Each week veteran landlord and property manager Hank Rossi answers questions from [...]

What Are The Expectations For Landlords And Tenants On Entering Rental Property?

Entering rental property when a tenant is in place is something you as a landlord or property manager should consider carefully and know your state and local laws. Here are some examples to consider. By Clint S. Dunaway As a landlord you have [...]

Top 3 Biggest Stressors For Landlords And Property Managers in 2017

In a new survey of 700 rental property owners and landlords across the country, maintenance repairs and replacement continues to be the biggest stressor overall for property owners and managers, according to Buildium.com. Overall 61% of respondents reported maintenance and repairs as stressful, [...]

Landlords Will Now Have To Provide New Tenants Voter Information

The Seattle City Council has approved a new ordinance that requires landlords to provide new tenants with voter-registration information, according to reports. Currently when new tenants move in, landlords are already required to give them a large number of documents prepared by the [...]

Landlords Could Face Skyrocketing Air Conditioner Repair Costs This Summer

Landlords and property managers who face air conditioner repair this summer will come face-to-face with skyrocketing costs for the refrigerant R22, more commonly known as Freon, according  to a release. Production of R22 refrigerant has already dropped 90 percent. It is being phased out [...]

City Wants To Require Landlords To Give Tenants Voter Information

The Seattle City Council is proposing another ordinance putting yet another requirement on landlords in the city this time to provide information to tenants about how to register to vote and how to update voter registration information. Under a new ordinance proposed this [...]

Renovation Of A Rental Property On A Shoe-String Budget – Part 3

This is the third part of the series on renovation of a rental property duplex on a shoe-string budget. Landlord Hank takes you through his steps, where he got his materials, gives you a final cost and then lets you know how much [...]

Can I Say ‘No Pot In My Rentals’ When It’s Legal?

Landlords and property managers are seeking to better understand the issues of legal marijuana when it comes to tenants in their states. By John Triplett ARPOLA Laws are changing all the time. Voters may approve different levels of permission in different states when [...]

Landlords Sue Seattle Over Tenant Move-In Fees Ordinance

Seattle landlords have filed suit against the City of Seattle over an ordinance that requires them to allow tenants to pay security deposits and other move-in fees in installment payments over time. By John Triplett ARPOLA The Rental Housing Association of Washington (RHAWA), [...]

20 Landlord Best Practices The City Of Madison Would Like Landlords To Use

Cities in different parts of the country are sometimes at odds with their state legislatures over the regulation of rental housing and landlord best practices. Oregon is going through that issue now with the City of Portland wanting to enforce rent control and [...]

Best Markets For Buying Single-Family Rentals in 2017

A new study shows the best markets for single-family rentals in 2017 for real estate investors are in the areas away from the high-cost West and East coast markets and housing hot spots like Denver, Dallas and Austin. The report from ATTOM Data [...]

How Do You Handle An “Atypical” Eviction?

Landlords and property managers frequently deal with the issue of unmarried co-tenants and roommates, sometimes on the lease and sometimes not on the lease. When things do not work out with these tenants, a landlord may face what is known as an “atypical” [...]

My Top Landlord And Property Management Mistakes

Landlord and property management mistakes are something  veteran real estate owner and investor Larry Arth has lived first-hand. He has been a landlord at different times in  his real estate career, and offers his thoughts here on landlords, investors, property management and what [...]