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Should I Sell Rental Properties In A Package Or Individually?

For the landlord deciding whether to sell rental properties, the question can be whether to sell them one at a time, or offer a few as a package to other investors. The answer depends on a variety of factors. Here are some suggestions to help you decide the best route for you from Richard 'Monty' Montgomery [...]

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Do You Know The 10 Types Of Real Estate Agents?

As a landlord or property manager, you may occasionally have to work with a real estate agents for various reasons. How much do you know about the 10 different kinds of real estate agents out there who may approach you? Blogger Richard Montgomery sets out the definitions of each so you will know more about [...]

7 Great Reasons To Invest In Smaller Multifamily Real Estate

Are smaller multifamily buildings a better fit for many real estate investors than larger multifamily commercial buildings? This week veteran real estate investor Richard Montgomery, who knows real estate investing, from up-close, get-your-hands-dirty rehab to armchair investing using your self-directed IRA as your funding vehicle, takes on this question from a reader: Dear Monty: My [...]

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How Does One Evaluate Income Property?

Landlords who want to evaluate income property should consider using the same methodology as is practiced by professional real estate appraisers. Here is this week’s question for Richard ‘Monty’ Montgomery. Reader Question: We want to make our first real estate investment purchase. We have decided on investing in older 2-4 family apartments. It appears there are [...]

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Want To Be A Good Landlord And Property Manager?

Being a landlord and property manager in the real estate investment business can be hard. Blogger Richard ‘Monty’ Montgomery this week takes on a question around what are the 7 common mistakes many new real estate investors make when becoming a landlord or property manager. Reader Question: We just backed out of our first real estate [...]

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A Landlord’s Question: Our Out-Of-State Rental Home Has Been Trashed, Now What?

Veteran investor and landlord Richard Montgomery answers questions each week from landlords and property managers as Dear Monty. Reader Question: We have a trashed home. My husband and I live on the East Coast. Our son attended school in the Midwest, and we bought a home there. We completely renovated it like a new home. After graduation, [...]

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