Keeping the outside of your rental properties looking nice for both attracting tenants and keeping the neighbors happy is important, so here are some exterior upgrades to keep your rentals looking nice while staying within your budget.

8 exterior upgrades for your rental properties

No. 1 – A deep wash

A deep cleaning of your rental property exteriors can significantly refresh your space. Give your property a good power wash; wash the windows, shutters and sliding. Don’t forget to power wash any stains off driveways, walkways and parking lot areas.

No. 2 – A basic clean up

General tidying up can go a long way to make your rental housing shine. Mow the lawn and conceal trash cans and recycle bins out of sight from the general public to organize the space.

No. 3 – Landscape

Freshening up your old landscape can go a long way. Take some time to enhance the nature around your home by trimming the trees, taking out any shrubs and dead plantings, and adding topsoil as needed surrounding your property. For a special touch, add potted plants in front of the main building and other high traffic areas for a visual boost.

No. 4 – A little fresh paint goes a long way

8 Exterior Upgrades For Your Rental Properties

Paint the entire complex or stick to just the trim around areas such as the windows and doors. Regardless of how big or small of a paint job you do, you will find that the fresh coat of paint will make your property look up-to-date.

No. 5 – A new roof

Often overlooked, roofing is one of the most important parts of your property’s exterior. Transform the feel and value of your property by investing in a re-roofing project.

No. 6 – Clean the gutters

Cleaning or replacing the gutters and downspouts will not only improve the aesthetics of your exterior but will also keep your property and yard drainage in better shape.

No. 7 – Light it up as darker days of winter approach

Exterior lighting can bring the right attention to your apartment complex. Adding small light fixtures near each unit, along the walkway areas and the surrounding exterior areas of your home can show off the details in your property’s architecture. With darker days of winter approaching tenants will appreciate this touch.

No. 8 – The little details

For the final touches, update the shutters, door knobs, house numbers and other exterior hardware that might be outdated. Replacing old hardware with shiny and new pieces will add to the final look for a minimal amount of cost.

Rental properties exterior upgrades summary:

The exterior of your rental property is just as important to keep up as the interior. There are plenty of options for exterior renovation. Update your property with simple fix-ups such as modern hardware or invest a bit more time and money into a re-roofing project. Regardless of your budget, exterior fixes can make a big impact on the overall look of your outdoor space.


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