Many landlords know the challenges of communication with tenants.

Do you have a hard time reaching your tenants?

Do they complaint you are hard to reach?

It might be time to upgrade and modernize your communication strategy with tech-based tools to better serve your customers.

No. 1 –  A mobile-first approach

 Take advantage of the fact that most of your tenants probably use smartphones and adopt a mobile-friendly website to empower tenants and prospects to easily direct your business.

Optimizing your content for the web is a growing expectation and demand from tenants that will help you stay competitive within the rental market, especially with your younger tenants and prospective tenants.

No. 2 – Be accessible by text message

It was many years ago when I first learned if I wanted to communicate with my teenager it was going to be by text message. Now, before sending an email, ask yourself if the message you want to send to a tenant can be done via text message.

Texting often yields greater efficiency and effectiveness than other modes of communication. Build a stronger bond with your tenants by utilizing two-way text messaging as a channel for routine discussion.

No. 3 – Maintain your online presence

In addition to going mobile-friendly and utilizing SMS communications, speed up your productivity by maintaining and optimizing your digital presence.

Providing up-to-date information on your property will benefit your tenants and prospective tenants, and leave you with less repetitive inquires, leaving you more time to focus on other areas of your business.

No. 4 – Connect with Your Tenants

 Send a monthly email newsletter to your tenants to share things like property news, changes to rent payments and upcoming events in the community.

Use this channel to connect with your tenants and keep them in the loop for relevant news within your property and extended community.

Landlord benefits of going digital

  • Trust: When you make it easy for renters to contact you when they have issues, and then resolve the issue in a timely manner, it helps build trust and loyalty.
  • Satisfaction: Enhancing communication and quickly resolving issues, helps improve renter satisfaction. In the long-term, this flow of communication allows for relationship building and encourages community spirit.
  • Efficiency: Using tech-based platforms allows property managers to quickly connect with tenants and reduces the chance for common manual-based error.
  • Security: Issues with payment are one of the most frequent issues property managers face today. Using an online platform to accept payments from tenants is a safer option for renters and managers.

New tools can help you streamline your communication and the way you do business. By applying these tips, you will stay ahead within the digital market and keep your tenants happy